Wednesday, September 2, 2015


So I went to see my doctor yesterday. It was just a visit to tell me of my lab results since I wasn't able to see her after I had it done. We went on a vacation around that time, and then when we came back, she went on a vacation too.

I told the mister the previous night that I'd walk in the morning to the doctor's office. It is about a 2-miles away. My appointment was at 8:45 a.m. I left the house  at 8:17 a.m. I almost changed my mind because I might not make it on time, and what if I'd sweat a lot and wouldn't look and smell fresh? But still, I walked anyway.

When she came in the room, Dr. T had a huge smile.

Dr. T: You look different!
Me: Really? Is that a good thing?

Then I grinned! In my mind, I kept saying it loudly,
"Please tell me I lost more weight! Please tell me! JUST TELL ME, Dr. T!"
Dr. T: Hmmm? I think it's your hair. You've grown it! It's really longer this time. I used to seeing you with either shaved or a really short do.

Deep inside, I was...


Me: Oh! ...Yes, I decided to grow it back.

*sigh. I really thought she'd notice it! Hehehe. I think I need to work harder this time. Let's do this, Lili!

Got to go! Heading out to earn my thousands and thousands of steps for today.


Saturday, August 29, 2015


Monocacy river swimming hole stop.

It is still summer but the past week felt like it's fall already. I want it to be summer still. I want extra daylight and warmer days for my daily hikes and bike rides, or probably more days for fishing at the river with the mister.

1. The boy's current favorite song.
2. My jaw dropped when he started playing.
3. I've watched the film, and I am joining this bandwagon. Actually, I am into my second day plant-based two meal per day. Working on the three meals in the next few weeks.
4. This shop is just so full of cuteness.
5. My friend has the prettiest baby room.
6. I'll try this recipe one of these days. Here's to a healthier lifestyle!
7. I took this photo.
8. This Lola (grandma) is an inspiration.
9. This Lolo (grandpa)is an inspiration too.
10. Feel the rainbow.

Photo by the mister, Jay Divinagracia

Friday, August 28, 2015

Choose Day

I know it's Friday, but it's a choose day for me. The young lady brought  one of a kind socks for her father and her brother as pasalubong (homecoming gift) from her month long stay in South Korea last summer. It was a dollar per pair.

This was one of them.

A photo posted by Lili (@missnalupa) on

I loved the socks, and I wish the young lady brought more. Since the delegates of the Korea-America Student Conference were coming to the U.S. for this year's month (last July) long affair, I asked the young lady if she could ask any of her Korean friends to buy a dozen or two for me. I use this kind of socks everyday. I wear sneakers daily, that's why! It's my uniform.

Last August, the young lady came home with all of these from her friend, Jiyeon.
I sock!

YUM! YUM! YUM! Jiyeon didn't accept any payment for these. She's so sweet! What's sweeter about her was she also gave something for the mister.Today, I had a hard time choosing which one to wear first. What would a Bisaya mama do in times of confusion? I did the "sanggutot kinsay pala-utot" (eeny meeny miny moe) this morning.

The young lady also bought a couple of mismatched socks from Daiso in San Francisco. I call these as Solmates Socks wannabe.
solmates socks wannabe

Compare between the authentic Solmates at $20 a pair to $1.50 per pair wannabe at Daiso, I'd take more from Daiso of course. I also have several pairs from Solmates. I just can't get enough of socks.

Another choose day! Yesterday, I texted the mister...

Me: Dear, kakan-unon ko'g cake! (Dear, I want to eat cake.)
Him:  Ako kay donut! (I want a donut!)
Me: Okay pod ko ug donut kung way cake. (I'm okay with donut if there's no cake.)

I was willing to compromise.

Him: Sale ang donuts ugma sa Giant Eagle. (Donuts will be on sale tomorrow at Giant Eagle.)
Me: How do you know?
Him: Abi ko'g kada Friday ang $5 dozen donut?! (I thought it's always $5 per dozen donuts every Friday?!)
Me: I'll check it tomorrow.

...and he's right!

Lili, donut do it!

I came to the store around 2:30ish in the afternoon already. I should have come earlier. I wasn't able to get my favorite---the plain chocolate donut. There were not a lot of choices to choose from, but this is, I think an eyegasm already! I did't do the eeny meeny miney moe this time. I made the boy choose a flavor for me. I had half of the no filling one--the second from the top at the right. Oh! By the way, a dozen is priced at $7.99 regularly.

The end! Have a great weekend, everyone!