Friday, April 24, 2015

Thrifting Adventures: FNP Spring Yard Sale

The mister and I went to the spring community yard sale hosted by Frederick News Post last Saturday. There weren't a lot of sellers this year compare to the previous years. I saw vintage purses there but I did not buy one. I also liked a few oil portrait paintings with gilded ornate frames. They were affordable at $20 a piece, but the mister didn't like them, and if he did and bought a piece or two, I wouldn't know where to hang them.

I see a lot of things I liked but none of them made my heart said, "Paboom! Paboom!", so I came home empty handed.

Untitled FNP Yard Sale
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That small old sewing machine was $25.
Untitled Untitled

What's the magic word?



We took one free item from this box.


Guess which one?


Here's what the mister bought--- a Petula Clark's My Love vinyl record from the 60's for $5? It's in Japanese so I do not know exactly the year this was released.


And oh! What we got from the FREE box was the 10-piece pack of  Maxell MF 2HD disks.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Liver vs Armpit!

I was chatting with the young lady yesterday. I have learned that she's slowly learning Filipino (Tagalog) from her friends in college that still speaks the language fluently. At that same afternoon, she was hanging out with Gaylord.

I though of sharing a pick-up line from the book that Cecile of Chuvaness gifted me last Christmas, Stupid Is Forever written by Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Read about it--> here.

I was thinking that because it's short and easy to understand,  it wouldn't be difficult to share the joke with her. I told her to share it with Gaylord too.

I sent her this photo I took via Viber.

I even translated it for her. I said:

Tagalog         Bisaya               English
kili-kili          ilok                    armpit
malapit          du-ol                   near
puso              kasing-kasing    heart

She: Ilok ka ba? (Are you the armpit?)
Me: "kay doul ka sa akong heart." (Because you're near my heart!)

She: Pero, Ma, di man duol kaayo ang ilok sa heart. (But, Ma, the armpit is not really near the heart.)

Me: huh?

She: Better ang "liver ka ba?" kay closer ang liver sa heart than ag ilok. ("Are you the liver?" is better because it is closer to the heart than the armpit!)



Atay ka ba? 
Malapit ka kasi sa puso ko!
(Are you the liver? 
Because you're near my heart!)

Base on the illustration below, which is nearer to the heart? Is it the liver or the armpit?

(photo source)

...and, she's right! I guess the next time I share a joke or a pick-up line with the young lady, I better make sure that it'll work.

Sorry Miriam Defensor-Santiago, your pick up line didn't work for Yna.

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