Monday, October 5, 2015

Oktoberfest 2015

We've  known about Oktoberfest in Frederick for many years already. Our kids volunteered for this festival before. Last Saturday was the first that we got to go, not to drop the kids off to volunteer but to enjoy the festival---dancing, food, music, and most of all, German beers. Our friends were first-timers like us too. And another thing, it is also wonderful to support the cause of the festival who shares their proceeds to non-profit organizations in the city.

It was held indoors at the Frederick Fairgrounds due to the rain. Entrance fee to the festival was $10 per adult, $5 for children, and free for 2 year olds and below. Parking was free, but you could make a donation to youth groups manning the parking lots. Poor kids! They were working outside when it was cold and raining. The place was packed despite of the weather.

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The vendors only accept credit cards or wooden tokens.
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The mister had a premium beer in a souvenir stein ($21), and a Wiener Schnitzel with mushroom gravy ($5). I had a salted pretzel ($3) and a bottle of water ($1).

The Wiener Schitzel tasted good, in my opinion. I wish they also sold German pastries, and sweets.

After we finished eating, we moved to a different building with big screen TVs, and where there was a band playing. It seemed like there were more yuppies in the second building. The first building felt like it was more for families with children.
Oktoberfest 2015

Beer refills was $8.
Oktoberfest 2015

I had no regrets buying this easy-to-pull short waterproof Bogs boots at the thrift store last year. :)
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I loved the Secondhand Ramblers. They sang familiar songs. There were times that the crowd sang with them too.

I didn't know what this guy in plaid shirt on top of the table was saying, but all I knew was that the Security guards came right after I took this photo.

We left the festival a little over 7 p.m., and capped the night off at Viet Gourmet along Rosemont Avenue for Pho, spring rolls and calamari!
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We are all first timers no more at the Frederick Oktoberfest. The boy told us before we left that there'll be drunk people in the evning at the festival, and he was right. big grin

Friday, October 2, 2015

Graphic Tees

I dropped by at the thrift store after a quick trip at the grocery store early this week. I have been more frequent there to look for a yellow hat for the young lady's Halloween ensemble. The first year she was in college, she was Frida Kahlo. Last year, she was Mary Poppins. And today, I found the missing piece for her costume.

Back to thrifting, I like to kill time in the T-shirt racks when the mister doesn't come with me because it's fun to find shirts like these.

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I didn't buy them, by the way!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Me, Budoy! Remember?


Since the boy became a sophomore in high school, he had been noticing a familiar face in the school hallways ! One time he asked his father if the son of his colleague, G-Clef (not his real name) is in high school already because he was convinced that it was him he'd been seeing in school for weeks already.

When they were younger, there were several times that they'd spent play time together---swam in our pool, went camping in Deep Creek Lake at one time, and in some occassions, met at Filipino picnics and parties. Both of them speak video games fluently, particularly Mario Bros.

Last week, the boy told his best friend, Christian about his childhood friend during class dismissal. It so happened that G-Clef was there too who was on his way home. You see, G-Clef lives near the school and he walks home after school, while the boy always waits for me to pick him up at the front of the school. To the boy's chagrin that day, Christian walked over to G-Clef and ...

"Hi! Remember Jason? He's Filipino too!", pointing to the boy a few feet behind him.

To Christian and the boy's embarassment, G-Clef answered a strong "No!"
Then Christian added, "He's also called Budoy!"
The boy is Budoy to family, close friends and Filipino friends, but his answer was still a no!

Ooops! The boy was delighted to see an old friend who also goes to the same high school as him, but sadly he doesn't recognize the boy at all. G-Clef only looked confused. confused


So, I just told the boy that, not all people have the same memory as sharp as ours. It happened to me many times too. It's okay. Some friends just come and go! And maybe, one of these days, he'll remember him---the Budoy he played video games with when they were kids.Well, only if G-Clef wants to be his friend, they can start all over again. According to the boys, he was kind of not friendly at all! The boy was so happy to find another Filipino in school, but it seemed like G-Clef's reaction was the opposite.

Oh well!