Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh Jackie!

Today after school, the boy told me about what happened a couple of nights ago. He said he got so scared when he came down late at night to get a glass of water in the kitchen. On his way to the kitchen, from upstairs going through the dimly lit living room, then passing through the dining room, he said he was spooked, and his heart was trembling so hard that he could hear it, because he really thought he saw a person.
"Ma, your bag scared me!"
I didn't know which of my bags he meant, and then he added...


Poor kid! My old Andy Warhol's Jackie O canvas bag terrified him. Some nights ago, I remember it was sitting on a high bar chair in the living room near the open doorway to the kitchen. The moment he came into the dining room, it was that face that he came face to face with.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Problem

I was chatting with my little sister, Charmaine in Australia today. I told her in one of our topics that I have a problem. A big one!

She: Unsay problema? (What's the problem?)
Me: I made homemade coffee ice cream and baked the most decadent super moist dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate glaze last night, should I eat some now or sa dinner na? (...or at dinner)

Untitled Untitled

She answered me,
"SHYEET!" (Shit!)
Hahahaha! Just imagine what she'd say if she had seen these photos.

It was 2:30 in the morning in Australia already! I know, talking about food especially at dawn is such a tease. I MUST avoid chatting with her for weeks in the early morning for now until she forgets about this.

...or else, she'll get even!

Oh! By the way, I ended eating a small piece of the cake with a small scoop of ice cream at lunch.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Love Is...


Today, the mister and I went to K-Mart hoping to find the exact battery for Yna's old Swatch watch. We went to the grocery store, and the nearest Rite Aid, but didn't find it. K-Mart was our last nearest hope. Walmart is kind of far and it was late in the afternoon already. We needed to feed the children at home. Two of the boy's closest friends came over at our house. They are our sleepover regulars.

Back to the battery, I guess, we need to go to Walmart some other time. Rite Aid doesn't have it too. On our way out, we saw some women's activewear on sale near the entrance of the store. I was so happy to find a variety of women's training capri pants. We were at the mall yesterday and didn't find any. We also went to Dick"s Sporting Goods, but I find their prices ridiculously high. So, anyway...

Me: Ganahan ko ani nga color ug material. (I like this color and material.)
The Mister: Kana! Nindut na! Isukod! (Those ones! They're nice! Try it on!)

I was scanning the rack and...

Me: Ay! Wa may medium. (Oh. There's no medium.)
The Mister: Isukod kaning small. (Try this small on.)


Me: Giingnan na bitaw ka nako nga di lagi ko small. Di ko ka-utot ana sa sobra ka pi-ot! ( I told you, I'm not a small. I can't fart when it's extremely tight.)

Of course, I was just kidding about that fart part.

The mister: Isukod lang gud basin masibo diay! (Just try it on, maybe it'll fit you!)


Here we go again. He wanted me to try all the small activewear bottoms at Dick's yesterday too. He really thinks I am a small. Hehehehe. Yes, I came from an extra large a decade ago. Then a large, and recently, came down to medium. But assuming that I am a small is unrealiastic, in my opinion, at this time. And if I do try a small size, I might look like a freshly-made sausage.

I guess love must really be blind!